What is Legacy Partners?

Legacy Partners is a ministry to Libertas Christian School

There are two types of Legacy Partners:

1. Legacy Partner – Gives to the school on a monthly recurring basis.

2. Legacy Builder – Gives to the school on a basis other than monthly recurring.

Both types of Legacy Partners are important to the school, but for different reasons… and it is possible (and likely) that many supporters will be both a Legacy Partner and a Legacy Builder.

A Legacy Partner gift is generally smaller, and because it is recurring monthly, brings stability & predictability to the school financial plan. $5.00, $10.00 or more per month is exactly what the school is looking for from a Legacy Partner. We are working toward growing 2,000 of them.

A Legacy Builder gift is generally larger and is a one-time gift or given on a frequency other than monthly. The gift is often given as a year-end gift, or for a specific project such as the soccer field or for performing arts, or as a matching gift incentive. Sometimes it is an “in kind” gift such as food for an event or computer equipment for a classroom. These gifts are important because they meet an immediate need of the school and are exactly what the school is looking for from a Legacy Builder.

Libertas Christian School would not be possible without the Legacy Partners ministry! 😊

Request a Window Sticker

Spread the word! You can support Libertas simply by putting a FREE sticker on your car window. Just tell us where to send it. 

You can request a school logo window sticker.
Monthly supporters get a Legacy Partner add-on.
If you give one time gifts you are a Legacy Builder.