Libertas uniform Information

Welcome to the new Libertas Christian School uniform information page. Here you will find links to the companies we have partnered with to create beautiful, quality uniform items to enhance the culture of honor, camaraderie, and overall excellence. Below you will find information on each company as well as links to view the web stores and order item. Both companies offer great sales throughout the year, so make sure you sign up for their email communications!  
Libertas Preferred School Number 900196924  
These are uniform choices for the coming "preview year," so you're able to try out quality, style, etc., before we move to full, 5-day uniforms in the Grammar School for the 23-24 school year. This coming school year, the dress code will have only the following small changes: Thursdays will be a "formal uniform day" with khaki or black pants/skirts allowed (no jeans), and no hooded shirts on Monday or Thursday uniform days.  Everything else will be the same as last school year (see attached dress code). Please note when you're checking out the uniform sites, some pieces we requested are out of stock, but will hopefully be back in stock in the future so we are able to add even more variety. Given this is a "preview," these are just some of the pieces we want to try out before committing the following school year.