The Worldview Questions: 

What is Truth?

Truth is that which conforms to Reality, Ultimate Truth is that which conforms to Ultimate Reality. 

What is a Worldview? 

Worldview consists of the presuppositions through which we view the world, and a complete worldview provides explanations for: 

1. Creation (How did I get Here?) 
2. Man’s Fall (Why is there Evil?)
3. Redemption (How am I saved?)
4. Restoration (How does the world get fixed? Can it be fixed?)

The Ultimate Subjects:


The Ultimate Questions:

UQ # 1 Who is Man (his character) 
UQ #2 What is man’s Purpose?
UQ # 3 Where is Man Going?
UQ # 4 What is Man’s Problem?
UQ # 5 What is the Solution?

Ideas must be evaluated based on Worldview and the Ultimate Questions:

Is the author/speaker biblically correct? Informed or Misinformed? Logical or Illogical? Complete or Incomplete?