Libertas Name and Seal

Opportunity often appears in unexpected circumstances. When Freedom Christian School closed after 33 years of fruitful ministry, a group of concerned parents and faculty gathered, first for prayer and secondly to consider the questions: “Was there something more?” and “Did the Lord have another opportunity for Christian education beyond Freedom’s closing?" As a result, a committee formed with the stated goal of continued ministry via a new school, with a new name and a new perspective. But what name and symbol would effectively and boldly communicate this new work’s birth and mission? First, the classical nature of Freedom’s educational philosophy and practice was examined and the question arose, “What is the Latin word for ‘Freedom’?” The Latin teacher replied, “Libertas.” Now we had the perfect name for our school. As with the branding of any organization, it is critical to symbolically capture the school’s history and character to effectively communicate its mission. In order to encapsulate the story, the legacy, and the emotional journey of Libertas’ beginning, a fitting symbol was chosen. e Phoenix, from ancient Greek mythology, naturally emerged because, like the Phoenix, a new school was rising up from the closing of another. Moreover, the Phoenix is a very unique creature. It is a “one of a kind” bird. In fact, according to legend, there is only ever one, no male or female, no plural, just one. After living out its allotted life span, the Phoenix voluntarily lays down its own life and dies. But this is not the end! e body of the Phoenix, which lies briefly lifeless, suddenly bursts into flames! Miraculously, out of the ashes of its own destruction arises the next Phoenix. What a beautiful, remarkable parallel to Christ’s resurrection from the grave, which explains why the early church adopted the Phoenix as an identifying symbol between Believers as they secretly revealed their faith to one another. For all of the above reasons and symbolism, the leadership of Libertas felt that the Phoenix was the perfect mascot for our school. Finally, the Latin phrases on the seal reflect the rich legacy of Freedom paired with Libertas’ miraculous genesis via God’s gracious provisions. In the upper ribbon is the phrase “SUMUS LIBERTAS” which translates “We are Freedom,” while in the lower ribbon the words, “Ex Cinere Exurgimus” proclaim “Out of ashes we Rise.” Both are fitting reminders that from loss comes gain, from ending comes new beginning, and from the unexpected comes opportunity.
Author: Bob Davis - November 2015