Grammar School at libertas...

It all starts with "grammar"

At Libertas, when we talk about "grammar," we're not just talking about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Instead, we're teaching young children to explore language, music, history, and creation through the lens of the Bible and by exposing them to the "grammar" of each of these artforms. 
In Grammar School (grades JrK through 6), we capitalize on the children's natural developmental strengths by teaching them through song, dance, chant and movement. Beginning with our 4-year-olds, students memorize Scripture, math facts, grammar and spelling rules, history timelines, scientific facts and more! They are exposed to creeds and catechisms and begin to see how EVERYTHING is interconnected because of the Creator-God who is the author of all things from math to Latin to science to story. Students interact in a variety of ways with all grade levels from JrK-12 in our tight-knit, family atmosphere. Our Grammar School program values self-governance, cultivating curious learners, caring for others above self, chivalrous and polite manners as well as showcasing the enjoyment in learning more about God and His creation. Schedule a tour today to learn more! 

Discernment. Discipleship. Discovery.